Den 10 feb 2015 12:08 skrev "Mike Hearn" <>:
> We can certainly imagine many BIP70 extensions, but for things like
auto-filling shipping addresses, is the wallet the best place to do it? My
browser already knows how to fill out this data in credit card forms, it
would make sense to reuse that for Bitcoin.
> It sounds like you want a kind of Star-Trek negotiation agent thing,
where your computer knows how to seek out the best deal because all the
metadata is standardised. Such a thing would be an interesting project, but
it's probably not best done in BIP70 given how it's deployed and used
today. Rather, I'd suggest looking at the various HTML5 data standards
which would allow merchants to advertise things like where they ship to in
a machine readable and crawlable form.

BIP70 doesn't have to be the place, but not needing to make sure the device
in question have that information stored already would be an improvement.
What protocol is used doesn't matter much, I just thought reusing BIP70
would simplify implementation.

HTML5 elements could definitely be supported, through adding a tag in the
HTML form that says "prompt the Bitcoin wallet about the following payment

As one example, your browser could ask your hardware wallet over BLE for
this data. This way you barely have to trust the computer you're using at
all, as everything it does is confirmed on the hardware wallet before
payment (assuming it has a screen, which it should). Linking your hardware
wallet over BLE to new devices which you then use for browsing and shopping
could  be trivial and yet allow secure auto-fill of this kind.
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