It would appear that the Bitcoin Foundation has decided that their
next two seats would be decided by miners.   (More information
available at:

Unfortunately, they seem to have not provided the software needed to

I've taken Luke DashJr's somewhat notorious IsNotorious patch, which
he's used previously to block things like the Horse Stapler Battery
dust-spam attacks and re-purposed it so miners can avoid casting votes
in the election that they don't intend to cast.

Not really an ideal fit, but the code has the benefit of having been
run in production for some time; a necessity for deployment on short

A patch (against git master, but should apply to 0.10 cleanly at least
and probably other versions) is available at:

Let me know if you have any trouble applying it, I'll be glad to do my
civic duty and do what I can to help people participate with the
system was clearly intended by the design.

[Please note that I am relying on some claims from reddit for some of
the candidate addresses (
) because the official voting software is more or less completely
busted for me and I can only see some of the candidates. If any are
wrong, please let me know.]


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