You might consider the dimension taken by the cooperative mining approach of AI 
Coin, an altcoin that will launch April 27. The coin is an embodiment of 
principles described in my whitepaper last May, "Bitcoin Cooperative Proof of 

Currently we do not use staking, as network-wide algorithmic trustworthiness 
provides the security directly. Network operations, although highly automated 
with intelligent software agents, has a human-in-the-loop for oversight.

Our innovation enables immediate settlement of transactions. Peers in our 
network cooperate, taking turns creating new blocks. There is single version of 
the blockchain which is appended to by a single peer, and is replicated by the 
other peers. Our peers wrap Bitcoind instances, controlling transaction and new 
block routing to form a scalable super peer topology. Peers have self-signed 
X.509 certificates which encrypt messages and prevent impersonation. The 
tamper-evident technology that secures Bitcoin's blockchain and transactions is 
extended to secure the entire network. Inspired by an idea published by Nick 
Szabo, our peers maintain tamper-evident logs which are replayed, verified and 
signed by other peers. Aside from the whitepaper, more current technical 
information can be found on our forum - where I would be glad to answer 
questions and debate skeptics - instead of responding in this list off topic.

I would like thank those here and on IRC who last year encouraged me think 
outside the box.


CTO AI Coin, Inc.

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