On 07/03/15 16:53, Mem Wallet wrote:
> this allows a user to manage a GPG identity for encryption
> and signing with zero bytes of permanent storage. (on tails for example)


As an author of BIP44 I don't think that you should use BIP44 for this
and a new BIP number should be allocated. To me it does not make much
sense to create GPG key hierarchy per Bitcoin account, but rather create
a GPG key hierarchy per device/master seed.

I am currently in process of implementing a SignIdentity message for
TREZOR, which will be used for HTTPS/SSH/etc. logins.

See PoC here:

The idea is to derive the BIP32 path from HTTPS/SSH URI (by hashing it
and use m/46'/a'/b'/c'/d' where a,b,c,d are first 4*32 bits of the hash)
and use that to derive the private key. This scheme might work for GPG
keys (just use gpg://u...@host.com for the URI) as well.

Best Regards / S pozdravom,

Pavol Rusnak <st...@gk2.sk>

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