Hi, so I have my .NET node communicating on the P2P network just fine, so I 
figured as I'll now start looking at making and validating transactions etc I 
should probably migrate to test net. Now I see that we are up to the third 
generation testnet testnet3, and I am sending my messages now using packet 
magic 0x0b110907 and I'm using Wireshark and I can confirm that my messages are 
going out with that packet magic.
Now what is interesting is that when I try connect to a test node obtained from 
DNS seed testnet-seed.bitcoin.petertodd.org, I send it a version message with 
the testnet3 packet magic, yet I get no verack or version in response???? In 
fact, the only thing I get back is a ping and then the connection is severed by 
the remote node.
What is going on? Also, it works fine with the mainnet packet magic value of 
0x0f9beb4d9 and I am debuging my code and ensuring it is looking for the 
testnet3 packet magic, but I am not getting a response from the node?

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