On 05/25/2015 10:03 PM, Matt Whitlock wrote:
> On Monday, 25 May 2015, at 8:41 pm, Mike Hearn wrote:
>>> some wallets (e.g., Andreas Schildbach's wallet) don't even allow it - you
>>> can only spend confirmed UTXOs. I can't tell you how aggravating it is to
>>> have to tell a friend, "Oh, oops, I can't pay you yet. I have to wait for
>>> the last transaction I did to confirm first." All the more aggravating
>>> because I know, if I have multiple UTXOs in my wallet, I can make multiple
>>> spends within the same block.
>> Andreas' wallet hasn't done that for years. Are you repeating this from
>> some very old memory or do you actually see this issue in reality?
>> The only time you're forced to wait for confirmations is when you have an
>> unconfirmed inbound transaction, and thus the sender is unknown.
> I see this behavior all the time. I am using the latest release, as far as I 
> know. Version 4.30.
> The same behavior occurs in the Testnet3 variant of the app. Go in there with 
> an empty wallet and receive one payment and wait for it to confirm. Then send 
> a payment and, before it confirms, try to send another one. The wallet won't 
> let you send the second payment. It'll say something like, "You need x.xxxxxx 
> more bitcoins to make this payment." But if you wait for your first payment 
> to confirm, then you'll be able to make the second payment.
> If it matters, I configure the app to connect only to my own trusted Bitcoin 
> node, so I only ever have one active connection at most. I notice that 
> outgoing payments never show as "Sent" until they appear in a block, 
> presumably because the app never sees the transaction come in over any 
> connection.

Yes, that's the issue. Because you're connecting only to one node, you
don't get any instant confirmations -- due to a Bitcoin protocol
limitation you can only get them from nodes you don't post the tx to.

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