On 6/1/2015 10:21 AM, Adam Back wrote:
> if it stays as is for a year, in a wait and see, reduce spam, see
> fee-pressure take effect as it has before, work on improving improve
> decentralisation metrics, relay latency, and do a blocksize increment
> to kick the can if-and-when it becomes necessary and in the mean-time
> try to do something more long-term ambitious about scale rather than
> volume.

What's your estimate of the lead time required to kick the can,
if-and-when it becomes necessary?

The other time-series I've seen all plot an average block size.  That's
misleading, because there's a distribution of block sizes.  If you bin
by retarget interval and plot every single block, you get this


The max block size has clearly been in play for 8 months already.

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