Side chains are a way to scale and shard horizontally while still retaining
primary security parameters of the main chain.

The future is an Internet of chains, a forest of chains with bitcoin as the
root chain for: factom / proofofexistence, ChainDB, Blockstream side
chains, merge mined side chains, and more.  A multi-chain design is much
more scalable in general.

On Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 1:18 PM, Mike Hearn <> wrote:

> It's simple: either you care about validation, and you must validate
>> everything, or you don't, and you don't validate anything.
> Pedantically: you could validate a random subset of all scripts, to give
> yourself probabilistic verification rather than full vs SPV. If enough
> people do it with a large enough subset the probability of a problem being
> detected goes up a lot. You still pay the cost of the database updates.
> But your main point is of course completely right, that side chains are
> not a way to scale up.
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