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You shoud be interested in this post by Justus Ranvier then:
On Jun 15, 2015 8:57 PM, "Raystonn ." <> wrote:

> I have been toying with an idea and figured I'd run it by everyone here
> before investing further time in it.  The goal here is to make it
> sustainable, and perhaps profitable, to run full nodes on the Bitcoin
> Network in the long term.
> - Nodes can participate in a market wherein they are paid by nodes,
> wallets,
> and other services to supply Bitcoin Network data.  Payment should be based
> on the cost imposed on the Node to do the work and send the data, but can
> be
> set in any way the node operator desires.  It's a free market.
> - Nodes that are mostly leeching data from the Bitcoin Network, such as
> those that do not receive inbound connections to port 8333, will send
> payments to the nodes they connect to, but will likely receive no payments
> from other nodes, wallets, and other services.
> - Nodes that are providing balanced full service to the Bitcoin Network
> will
> tend to have a balance of payments coming in and going out with regards to
> other balanced full service nodes, leaving them revenue neutral there.  But
> they will receive payments from leech nodes, wallets, and other services.
> The net effect here is that the cost to run nodes will be shared by those
> who are using the Bitcoin network but not contributing by running a full
> node.  A market will develop for fees to connect to the Bitcoin Network
> which should help cover the cost of running the Network.  It's still
> possible to continue offering access to your node for free as there is
> nothing forcing you to charge a fee.  But this isn't very sustainable
> long-run.  Market efficiencies should eventually mean nodes take in only
> what is required to keep the Network operational.
> Raystonn
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