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> Re: anyone who agrees with noted non-programmers Mike&Gavin must be
> non-technical, stupid, uninformed, etc .... OK, go ahead and show them the
> error of their ways. Anyone can write blogs.

I worry that if this is the level of care you take with reading and
(mis)interpreting Adam's messages, that you might not be taking extreme
care with evaluating consensus changes, even while tired or sleeping. I
encourage you to evaluate both messages and source code more carefully,
especially in the world of bitcoin. However, this goes for everyone and not
just you. Specifically, when Adam mentioned your conversations with
non-technical people, he did not mean "Mike has talked with people who have
possibly not made pull requests to Bitcoin Core, so therefore Mike is a
non-programmer". Communication is difficult and I can understand that, but
we really have to be more careful when evaluating each other's messages;
technical miscommunication can be catastrophic in this context. On the
topic of whether you are a programmer, I suspect that ever since you built
CIA.vc we have all known you're a programmer, Mike.

- Bryan
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