> On Jun 19, 2015, at 3:45 AM, Dr Adam Back <a...@cypherspace.org> wrote:
> That wont be good for the companies either, but they may not see that
> until they've killed it, many companies operate on a1 or 2 year
> time-horizon.  They may say screw layer2, I have a runway and I need
> micropayments to the wazoo and I dont have the dev resources for that.

Exactly, Adam.

Except, I think the genie is out of the bottle - these ideas are too powerful 
for them to be killed forever. They will probably survive even if this scenario 
comes to pass…but in a different network under a different name…and Bitcoin 
will be relegated to the history books and walls of museums.

Most of the potential brainpower available on this Earth to make serious, 
profound contributions to this movement haven’t even begun to touch it. Just 
because you happen to run a Bitcoin startup right now…even if you’ve received 
millions of dollars in funding…don’t think that the whole world has low 
standards and is lazy! Someone WILL eventually build something better than we 
can presently imagine.

First mover advantage and the network effect are vastly overrated. At the risk 
of stating cliches, the Mac came before the Windows PC…Yahoo! came before 
Google…MySpace came before Facebook…Bitcoin came before <we don’t know yet>.

- Eric Lombrozo

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