This is an important notice to all members of the Bitcoin Dev List.

*Tuesday, June 23rd 8pm UTC (1pm PDT) the following will happen.*

   - The current list at will
   reject all posts.
   - The current archives at will be
   - The test archives at the new list will be wiped and replaced with an
   import from the old list.
   - The new list will be
   open to posts after the archive import is complete.
Everyone may to subscribe at the new list now.  Feel free to make test
posts.   Anything posted prior to the switchover on Tuesday will be wiped
from the archives.

*DMARC Status*
A current issue with this list is posts from domains that require DKIM
signature verification will end up in the spam folder at popular providers
like gmail.  Initially the new list will have that exact same problem as we
will continue to have the subject tag and footer.  Within a few weeks LF
will upgrade Mailman to do automatic Munge From
<> which will solve this problem.

Warren Togami
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