As I said in my previous message, most of the examples in the website do 
not work. I am learning and working on the examples. Since I am already 
modifying the examples, I could share the modifications. So, is there a way 
that I could provide these modifications to update the examples in the 
website? I think that his would be of great help for new learners. 

On Tuesday, August 1, 2017 at 2:44:02 PM UTC+2, wrote:
> Dear all,
> I have recently started to play around with bitcoinj and I encountered the 
> problem that the code examples in the website ( 
> do not work straight away with bitcoinj 0.14.4. There are lots of classes 
> and functions that are deprecated and some functions have even disappeared, 
> for example when we are told to run peerGroup.startAndWait();. 
> Moreover, there are some advises that seemed to be a bit outdated, for 
> example, when it is not recommended to use connections with Tor or to not 
> use WalletAppKit for professional projects. I have seen many examples that  
> are using WalletAppKit, that's why I have the impression that the advise in 
> the website is out of date.
> So, my questions are: 
> - Are there online examples or a tutorial to learn the basics with 
> bitcoinj 0.14.4?
> - Can we use WalletAppKit for real projects or is this class still not 
> recommendable?
> Regards,
> V.

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