I think that I have answered my own question. I guess that it can be done 
like this:

ECKey ecKeyFromHex = 

However, I'm still wondering if the reason why there is not a method to do 
this directly 
(which to me, getting an ECKey from a public key hex seems something very 
common to require) is
some conceptual mistake that I have. 


On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 4:21:58 PM UTC+2, vba...@gmail.com wrote:
> Dear all,
> Is there a way that I can recover an ECKey from the hex? Kind of an 
> inverse of ECKey.getPublicKeyAsHex. 
> There is something similar with 
> DeterministicKey.deserializeB58(base58,params). However, just base58 is 
> accepted.
> Or may be there is an explanation why I should not be doing that?
> Regards.

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