Hi Joanne,

I'm not sure what you mean by "Barbado Blackbelly." Do you mean "Barbados Blackbelly" (rams have no horns) or "American Blackbelly" (rams have horns; nickname in Texas is Barbado)? The growth rate is a little different depending on which breed you are asking about.

A sheep's weight depends on several things: what they are eating, what season it is, what sex, if they are pregnant or lactating. So you cannot generalize much. I raise Barbados Blackbelly rams for slaughter. They get no grain; they are grass fed in summer and given alfalfa hay in winter. Weights for my rams are

6 months = 75-80 lb
9 months = 85-95 lb
12 months = 100-135

I don't take weights on my ewes. A mature (2 year) ewe will weigh about 90-100 lb.

Hope this helps.


At 02:29 PM 12/25/2014, you wrote:
Hi Folks,
Has anyone compiled a Barbado Blackbelly growth chart?
Can anyone tell me what the approximate dressing weight/ live weight ratio
is at the 6 months, 1 year etc?
Thanks in advance

Carol Elkins
Critterhaven--Registered Barbados Blackbelly Hair Sheep
(no shear, no dock, no fuss)
Pueblo, Colorado

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