Hi Carol,

To follow up on your success on grass only:
Wow, so you are able to keep their condition up without grain during
lactation too?

I am looking at your climate charts in your neck of the grasslands. It
looks like you are able to
provide fresh graze during about 180 days of the year, with about 60-90
days being too hot for the
rainfall you have to sustain active growth and another 60-90 being too cold
and dry for the rainfall you have.

For your operation has it been possible (economically advantageous) to
stockpile forage for the non-growing months?
Do the BBs  gain weight on stock piled forage?
Do you know why (or can you suppose why)  there is a growth rate effect
related to season in the Northeast?

I ask because part of our plan is to work towards stockpiling forage to
carry over the winter non-growth months we have in the Northeast. So far we
have found our spring, summer and fall vegetative (mixed grasses, legumes,
and forbs) growth are productive. But of course the absolute vegetation
growth rate declines as the year progresses.

What is the method you use for determining forage protein content?

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