the future of TravelWithRonK transport

The past three years have been tough on me financially and physically. It started with major repair expenses caused by enept repair work done on the road in 2012 followed by the house fire in 2013 that destroyed me financially followed by the accident in 2014 that has destroyed me physically.

It is obvious to me that I cannot maintain the pace I have been running for the past 6 months so it is time to start thinking about alternatives.

I am open to a gradual phaseout of my 'career' if I can find the right person to carry on with the TravelWithRonK 'flag'. If you have a desire to explore a new phase in your life please get with me privately. I have a solid reputation that you might be the right person to carry on with.

TravelWithRonK is not a get rich opportunity. You will earn every penny that is left over after paying expenses. You will not make a living off TravelWithRonK. You must have guaranteed supplemental income to live on. The ideal person would be an early retiree with a farm background who has a desire to do something worthwhile for the entire AG community. I have transported 4000 critters in my 15 year career. These are not 'animals'. They are the genetic future of thousands of herds and the hopes/dreams of their owners. The reward of TravelWithRonK is seeing the faces of the new owners the first time they see their new genetics and then hearing the stories and seeing the results years down the road from that first investment. Longterm clients are always willing to show me the results of their new 'bloodline'!

Send me a private email to to start the discussion.


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