transport - FEB/MAR/APR

I am beginning to accumulate reservations for the next round of transport trips - at this point I have reservations and enquiries that could develop into a coast to coast trip - please let me know via private email if you have transport needs for the next few months

I am making long distance trips in the next three months - I have room on parts of the route if you get back to me ASAP - my contact info is on my web site - I always need pick up city/state, drop off city/state, and a brief description of the animals in every email

I am getting enquiries about possible future trips - I am adding a list of tentative/long term transports below so that you can see what I might be doing in the future - I need a pickup city/state, drop off city/state, and an idea of the animals (even if tentative or just looking) if you want to be on my 'tickler' file list

Here is what my current trip route looks like - go to Google Maps Directions to see it on a map - enter the first two cities on my route into Google - it will show a map with the route - then keep adding 'a new destination' by adding the name of the next city in the list - Google will keep adding to the map so that you can see the entire trip on a map

The list of cities below is for generic information only.
It is not meant to be a detailed itinerary.
Do not panic if your stop on the trip is not listed here.

Austin TX
KS to NJ
TX to SC
NC to so CA
TX to OR
no WI to so FL
OH to ce CA
ID to VA
Austin TX

The list below is tentative and/or longterm
- send me info if you want to be here


Find my contact info on my website - it is best when calling to call my cell phone number @ 512.923.4359 - I very seldom am able to answer my home phone or to look at messages if I am on the road. If you do leave a message leave your phone number TWICE!

I do not monitor the groups closely so please reply to my private email

ron, tina, and jeremy

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