Hi Everyone,
I'm very excited to announce that on Thursday 02/19/15 we will be marching
our 2 year old ABB ram, Stomp & Steer Shooter, in the procession for the
Chinese New Year in San Francisco. We will walk about a block and a half to
a stage where the major will give a speech. I'm very excited about this
opportunity to create awareness about this awesome breed.

Shooter is a very special ram as he was my first and he has a great
demeanor and mellow attitude. We are trying to take every precaution we can
think of to make sure Shooter, ourselves and all attending are safe. We
have asked that no fireworks be let off while we are there and we will be
marching at the back so that there are no dragons or anything following
him. We will also have our working kelpie with us just in case he is needed
for any reason.

Fingers crossed that eveything goes as planned.

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