Great job! What a pleasant animal Shooter was with everything going on. Thanks for sharing the photos.
Mark  Storey

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Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2015 13:37:28 -0800
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Hi Everyone,
Well the walking of our ram, Shooter, in the Chinese Lunar New Year parade
in San Francisco was a success. Shooter was so well mannered. As soon as we
brought him out of the trailer he was the center of attention. Everyone
wanted to pet him, touch his horns and take pictures with him. There was
also a horned dorset and navajo churro ram there and they did wonderfully
as well. Shooter became a little "ramy" when he saw the other two rams but
settled in after a little while. There were a lot of fire crackers, drums
and dancing dragons and he just took it all in. When the mayor put a
necklace thing around his neck we were surrounded by cameras and he was
very well mannered. During the mayor's speech Shooter had a little girl
massaging his ears the whole time. Once the speech was over we went back to
the trailers and we once again surrounded by people wanted pictures with
the rams. We finally had to tell people no more so that we could leave and
Shooter was quit exhausted by the whole thing. I would love to know what he
thought about the whole experience and what he told the other sheep when we
got back :)

If I would have had more notice I would have made up cards with information
about the breed that I could have passed out because everyone was
interested in more information but we were so busy that we didn't have the
time to spend with each person.

Here some pictures. Enjoy.

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