I love your pictures, Tiana. Here are some I took at my place this morning:   

Rick Krachin Auburn, CA 

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> Hi Everyone,
> Well the walking of our ram, Shooter, in the Chinese Lunar New Year parade
> in San Francisco was a success. Shooter was so well mannered. As soon as we
> brought him out of the trailer he was the center of attention. Everyone
> wanted to pet him, touch his horns and take pictures with him. There was
> also a horned dorset and navajo churro ram there and they did wonderfully
> as well. Shooter became a little "ramy" when he saw the other two rams but
> settled in after a little while. There were a lot of fire crackers, drums
> and dancing dragons and he just took it all in. When the mayor put a
> necklace thing around his neck we were surrounded by cameras and he was
> very well mannered. During the mayor's speech Shooter had a little girl
> massaging his ears the whole time. Once the speech was over we went back to
> the trailers and we once again surrounded by people wanted pictures with
> the rams. We finally had to tell people no more so that we could leave and
> Shooter was quit exhausted by the whole thing. I would love to know what he
> thought about the whole experience and what he told the other sheep when we
> got back :)
> If I would have had more notice I would have made up cards with information
> about the breed that I could have passed out because everyone was
> interested in more information but we were so busy that we didn't have the
> time to spend with each person.
> Here some pictures. Enjoy.
> https://plus.google.com/photos/105557857002706950119/albums/6118783555126117329
> -- 
> Tiana Franklin

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