Thanks, Tiana, I do not weigh my lambs.  I just see them as large or small and 
this one boy was surprisingly small for being a single and his mom having 
looked so large. She always in the past has had twins, and last year triplets.  
So I was surprised.  Curiously, four of my five ewes had singles this year, a 

Rick Krach
in Auburn, CA 

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> Thanks for sharing. I just love new life on the farm. That's a nice size
> lamb. Did you get a weight on it? Ram or ewe? One of my girls gave birth to
> a 9.4 lbs ewe lamb the day of the parade so now I'm trying to come up with
> a Chinese name for her. Any ideas are welcomed :)
> On Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 9:26 PM, Rick Krach  wrote:
>> I love your pictures, Tiana. Here are some I took at my place this
>> morning:
>> Rick Krachin Auburn, CA

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