Hi Jim,

We had a ewe several years ago who I believe had mastitis. It was her second birthing, twins, and her udder had become the size of a Dutch oven the day after the twins were born. It was hard and the lambs had trouble nursing. One teat seemed to work better than the other. I tried reading up on the problem, and what I ended up doing was massaging the udder with a warm towel. I did this a few times and it seemed to help her feel better. I also remember reading that it would help the udder go down if the lambs were able to nurse. The massaging is what seemed to loosen everything up for her. I had also read that if a ewe has mastitis that they are more susceptible to it in the future - I guess we got lucky because she never experienced it again. I had read about penicillin treatment too, like Cecil was saying, but I opted to try the less invasive and more user-friendly fix first - and it worked here. Good luck with your ewe!
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