Hi Kathleen,

I've not trimmed hooves on anything other than blackbelly sheep so I can't compare. However, there is nothing difficult about trimming them, especially if you use the correct hoof trimmer. I use the ARS trimmers available at Premier1 (http://www.premier1supplies.com/detail.php?prod_id=27804&cat_id=6) It has smaller handles that seem better suited for women's hands. My sheep's hooves get really hard in winter, but even the first trim in the spring isn't particularly difficult. Keep the trimmers sharpened and in good shape and you should have no trouble.


At 05:17 PM 3/28/2015, you wrote:
My question to you is, have you
found AB's hooves to be harder than most sheeps' hooves, or is this maybe
just a SoCal phenomenon?

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