Thanks to all the people helping with gun info.  I will definitely find another 
gun than my .22.  I do agree with the curiousness of the "avma" website because 
to shoot an animal on the top of the head, one would have to be holding it; and 
if that were the case, I would just slit its throat. 

Rick Krach
in Auburn, CA 

> 1. Re: dispatching gun (Steve)

> On 3/30/2015 11:23 AM, Stephan A Wildeus wrote:
>> Here is a link to the AVMA guidelines on euthanasia in animals:
>> The description on sheep and goats starts on page 55, and includes a diagram 
>> on where and at what angle the gunshot should be placed, along with a quick 
>> discussion on pros and cons on different types of guns and ammunition to be 
>> used.
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>> This is one of the better diagrams I have seen. Since this shows where the 
>> brain is, and how small it is. It also gives you some sight lines to follow.
>> However for Blackbellies, think about how thick their foreheads must be from 
>> all the head butting. I would never attempt a frontal line, especially with 
>> a small caliber round.
>> -Steve

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