I think what is nice about that diagram is not so much the angle of the shot line that it gives you, but more the location of the brain. Then you can pick your own angle which will best suit your circumstances. If an animal is sick and on the ground then you can line up for a top of the head angle. If the animal is still walking then either a head gate to secure it, and like you said you could then severe the neck, or you could line up an angle for a shot at a distance. Of course you will need to take into acct that distance vs caliber of gun, also how far that caliber will reach past the animal as well.

For the number of animals that one might need to dispatch, I can't imagine buying a gun strictly for that purpose. So I would also try and figure out what else you could use it for. Which is tough for the Auburn area. The best I got might be a snake gun. So another thought could be a shotgun such as a 20 gauge, or a 410 with slugs. Im not a gun expert so not sure how much of a mess that might make. Also accuracy will drop for a shotgun vs a rifle. I think I would look at a .223 or a .243 as options. So then it would come down to cost of ammo. Since a .223 is also a NATO round, this should be much more accessible and cheaper ammo. I have not shot a .223, but I'd imagine it is still small enough that you might get away with not disturbing your neighbors too much up there.

If I were to add a rifle to my current collection which includes .308 and .22, I would choose .223. It would be my in between gun. If money was not a concern, I'd find a pre 1968 lever action 30-30 or .357. Those things make you feel like an Old West cowboy.

I hope this helps some more.


On 3/31/2015 8:35 PM, Rick Krach wrote:
Thanks to all the people helping with gun info.  I will definitely find another gun than 
my .22.  I do agree with the curiousness of the "avma" website because to shoot 
an animal on the top of the head, one would have to be holding it; and if that were the 
case, I would just slit its throat.

Rick Krach
in Auburn, CA

1. Re: dispatching gun (Steve)

On 3/30/2015 11:23 AM, Stephan A Wildeus wrote:
Here is a link to the AVMA guidelines on euthanasia in animals:

The description on sheep and goats starts on page 55, and includes a diagram on 
where and at what angle the gunshot should be placed, along with a quick 
discussion on pros and cons on different types of guns and ammunition to be 


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This is one of the better diagrams I have seen. Since this shows where the 
brain is, and how small it is. It also gives you some sight lines to follow.
However for Blackbellies, think about how thick their foreheads must be from 
all the head butting. I would never attempt a frontal line, especially with a 
small caliber round.

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