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I completed the MAR/APR trip late yesterday -13,000 miles in 4 weeks! - I transported a new breed this trip - awassi milk sheep - look that up on google - they were imported via frozen embryoes three years ago - the two that I transported were from the first generation of American conceived and born lambs - there are about 50 head of purebreds in the US now

I have two large loads going eastbound early MAY and early JUN - that means I will be going westbound before and between those loads - I have room on the westbound legs

I am making long distance trips in the next three months - I have room on parts of the route if you get back to me ASAP - my contact info is on my web site - I always need pick up city/state, drop off city/state, and a brief description of the animals in every email

Here is what my current trip route looks like - go to Google Maps Directions to see it on a map - enter the first two cities on my route into Google - it will show a map with the route - then keep adding 'a new destination' by adding the name of the next city in the list - Google will keep adding to the map so that you can see the entire trip on a map

The list of cities below is for generic information only.
It is not meant to be a detailed itinerary.
Do not panic if your stop on the trip is not listed here.

Austin TX
Austin TX

The list below is tentative and/or longterm
- send me info if you want to be here

Wooster OH to ce CA
Portland OR to VA - May
Portland OR to ME - June

Find my contact info on my website - it is best when calling to call my cell phone number @ 512.923.4359 - I very seldom am able to answer my home phone or to look at messages if I am on the road. If you do leave a message leave your phone number TWICE!

I do not monitor the groups closely so please reply to my private email

ron, tina, and jeremy

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