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I have been on the road for 15 years but it is coming to an end. The trip I am on now is over 11,000 miles in three weeks with at least 9,000 more miles to go (possibly more). This is the LAST long duration 'bus' style trip ever. My body just cannot handle the stress any more.

I will be switching to 'limo' style mode for all future trips. That means trips of less than 10 days. The limo mode is more expensive so I will be modifying my fee plan. I will be using the 'shared limo' concept to keep your expenses as low as possible but my fees are likely to increase by 50% or more. Even so I will be operating in a 'not for profit' mode but I feel that I owe the entire ag community a solution for their livestock transport needs until someone else steps forward.

This is time for the right person to come forward to continue my legacy. Your name can go down in the Who's Who list of the most influential people in small livestock history. I believe I am the single one person who has had the most enfluence on genetic distribution since Johnny Appleseed! You can carry on with your name right behind mine.

You will not be alone. You will be in the company of some pretty special people. Here are just a few examples:

Dr. Phil Sponenberg - the most reknowned livestock genetics DNA expert in the world

Dr. Martin Dally - who solved the sheep AI yield problems

Suzanne Gasparotto - who turned the lowly pet quality myotonic goat into a meat goat powerhouse

Don Smith - the 'old man' of boer genetics who successfully cloned Eggsfile after his tragic death

the dozens of 'old timer' dairy goat breeders who were importing world class genetics long before the ADGA existed

the new generation of breeders searching the world for new breeds with Awassii dairy sheep being an example (only 50 animals currently in the US)

the many dedicated 'rare' breed collectors who are saving the rarest of the 'heritage' breeds

the SVF Foundation in Rhode Island who is saving the rare breeds in cryogenic storage

these are all people that I have had the honor of meeting face to face in a relaxed environment where there was time to chat about what they had done and are doing

then there are the thousands of small breeders who are pursuing their dreams of producing that one special animal that will go down in history as a 'mover and shaker' in their breed

if you have the intestinal fortitude to step forward to make a committment now is the time!


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