Hello everyone!

I completed the May/June transport trip two weeks ago. 22,000 miles going coast to coast three times plus a 10 day stay in the hospital in Mattoon Illinois. I was 19,000 miles into the trip when I became ill. I called 911 from the side of Interstate 70 at Martinsville Illinois. The ambulance arrived in a few minutes. I spent 10 days on fluid reduction medication to remove fluid from my lungs.

That was the last 'bus' style trip forever for me. My body can no longer handle the stress of long duration trips. The combination of my age (I turned 69 yesterday) and the accident a year ago that totaled my van tow vehicle have taken their toll on my body. From now on trips will be 'shared limo' style with longer rest periods between trips.

It is imperative that you keep me up to date on your transport needs. I will attempt to put trips together as my health allows. I always need pick up location, drop off location, and brief info about the animals to be able to respond to you.

I am still looking for a replacement transport provider to take over the TravelWithRonK flag. I will train you, provide trip coordination while you are learning the ropes, and provide fill in limo service when needed. Your name could go down in history as the next generation of 'TravelWith...' to provide an invaluable service to the entire Ag community!

Please reply to my private email address at rkee...@realtime.net

ron, tina, and jeremy

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