My answer to this question is "It depends... What is on the inside of the
fence and what is on the outside of the fence?"

For example, 5 stranded poly wire works fine for us as long as there is
plenty of graze inside the fence and the boys and girls are separated by
distances.  Rams will take down any unsubstantial fence when the girls are
in season nearby. Rams & Ewes will take down any less substantial fence
when the inside graze is consumed. This winter when our sheep could have
 walked over our 4' woven wire fences they did not because we kept the
bunks full of hay.  I have seen woolies jump a 4' fence when they were
being chased by an inexperienced but enthusiastic herding dog.

The safest fence we have on our property is one with stretched woven wire
and hot wires top and bottom.

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