We have been using electric fence WIRE for three years now and it works well. 
so well we can just put wire up, unpowered, and they respect it. I have found 
keeping the top wire at nose height is most effective we only use a second 
lower wire when we have young lambs. If the fence is to low it will lose 
effective power through touching grass especialy when wet.


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            I recently purchased some electric fence and the first strand 
starts at 7"above the ground and I have one sheep that will take the shock and 
justslip right under it which shows the rest how to escape so I have had to 
getcreative to stop her. Now I do feel she is a special case because she is 
myescape artist so other sheep may not be as bad but because of it I 
wouldrecommend the lowest strand to start at 3" from the bottom.TianaOn Jul 16, 
2015 12:13 PM, "Carol J. Elkins" <celk...@awrittenword.com>wrote:> I often 
receive calls from people wanting to know what type of fencing is> best for 
blackbelly sheep. I always tell them that 2x4 or 4x4 48-in.-high> field fencing 
is preferred. But sometimes they ask what I think about 5-6> strand electric 
wire or tape. I have no experience with this type of> fencing but have read 
that it isn't good for sheep. That may be true for> wooled sheep, but I thought 
I'd ask you guys if it works for hair sheep.> For
 those who use this type of fencing, what has been your experience?>> Carol>> 
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