Liz, I know that chickens will eat anything and everything so would probably 
enjoy the koi food. The reason for my question was the package statement, "Not 
for human consumption."  And we eat our chickens, too.  Look at the label and 
tell me if you see any ingredients one should not eat?  

Rick Krach
in Auburn, CA 

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> Rick,
> I personally would not feed Koi food to my sheep. Folks got into allot of 
> trouble feeding ruminants animal parts in the past. It probably is illegal 
> also. Think of "Mad Cow".
> I would think it would be ok to feed to chickens, because they eat just about 
> anything. Also, the protein content would be pretty high I would imagine. I 
> really do not think that fish food would be plant based, but mostly animal or 
> fish source. Just some rambling thoughts.
> Liz Radi
> Nubian goats 
> Nunn, Colorado
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> From: Rick Krach 
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> Subject: [Blackbelly] Koi food
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> I know that pig food cannot be given to sheep, but I wonder about Koi food. 
> Someone has given me 50 lbs of Koi food which their fish will not eat. Does 
> anyone have any idea as to whether it'd be safe to give this to my sheep, 
> chickens, pigs, whoever would eat it? My question is because the package does 
> say, "Not for human consumption." Thanks,
> Rick Krach
> in Auburn, CA? 
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