Marley had gotten skinny lately, and I de-wormed him, probably too
late. He also had a runny nose.  I had not taken the time to have a
vet come out and see him, since a few other sheep also have runny
noses, and they always get over it, and they look strong.

in any case, he died today. I've never dealt with this particular case
before so, sorry for the graphic questions.

When I tried to pick up his head to move him, a large amount of light
brown, very watery liquid came pouring and I mean "pouring" from both
nostrils. It smells. Not super strong, but not pleasant. I tilted his
head and I am sure I got about half a pint. I am sure there's probably
another half pint in there for sure.

I am thinking pneumonia?

If so, I imagine I should get the vet out to hear some lungs on the
still living?

Thanks in advance for your help in this.

I plan to have his skull preserved and glue that broken horn tip back
on, so I can have a nice reminder of him.  His rack was magnificent.

Marley in the center, with his ram-mates

-Michael, Perino Ranch Blackbellies
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