Michael, I am so sorry you are having to go through this.

Coryne psuedotuberculosis is the bacterium that causes the disease Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL) in sheep. There is no cure. See http://waddl.vetmed.wsu.edu/animal-disease-faq/caseous-lymphadenitis and other sources.

An abscess on a sheep's jaw/throat is commonly the first symptom to appear with CL. But it is very easy to confuse with bottle jaw and milk goiter. I've read that CL abscesses are hard whereas bottle jaw and milk goiter lumps are soft. What do the abscesses on your sheep look and feel like?


At 02:15 PM 9/12/2015, you wrote:
Thanks for everyone's advice. The Vet came and did a necropsy on Marley:

Coryne psuedotuberculosis.  All through his body.

I have had a few of the abscesses on my sheeps neck or jaw before and
was aware this was contagious, but was not that aware of how
devastating it could be.. Now I am.

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