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It will be interesting to discuss these animals on this forum, for
posterity. I don't expect a miracle, but let's see what happens.
Caseous is also called the "wasting disease", because, seemingly no
matter how much they eat, they still tend to wither away. Besides the
skinny ribs, the other place to look is their rear, is it sunken,
instead of plump? And the tail is like an empty sock. The disease also
effects their ability to make a good coat, and winter is coming, so,
we will see how they do.
I have buried maybe four females from the same line since we bought the original ewe. All of them looked just like the description given. However....no other females in my herd have contracted any disease and they have all been together for years. It was only the girls in the one line. Near the end, they act like their lungs and heart aren't functioning properly. I now have one ram who is wasting away. No experience with other rams because they were sold or went into the freezer. I haven't verified his lineage yet. I was thinking genetic before this discussion started. I had tried a cattle antibiotic on the original ewe to no avail and some antibiotic feed on one of the others, also to no avail.

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Hershey, Ne

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