I came across a seemingly good piece of information but I CANNOT UNDERSTAND it: 
  Mona in VA. once upon a time said:  "When I need to tie a sheep to the fence, 
I just take a soft cotton rope and make my own halter.  I make a loop in the 
end big enough to fit around your sheep's nose to about two inches below the 
eyes, then I take the tail of the rope and bring it around the back of the 
sheep's head and then through the loop around the sheep's nose -- instant 
halter.  This works because there is nothing around the neck to choke the 

I cannot figure this out because unless the sheep has horns there is nothing 
"around the back of the sheep's head."  I know there are simple tricks to 
making a quick, rope halter, so if someone can describe one to me, thanks.

Rick Krach
in Auburn, CA                                     
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