Most of you know that Joel Salatin, owner of Polyfce Farms, is (IMO) the father of the sustainable agriculture movement. This week, he took a shot at answering 10 ag questions that had been asked of the current flock of presidential candidates. Joel is always entertaining to listen to and read and always spot-on in his analysis of a problem or question and blatently blunt in his response. You will enjoy his answers to these 10 questions.

It is easy to clamor for the government to ensure that GMO foods are labelled or for stricter trade tariffs to be enforced, or for government intervention to make our food "safer." You'll get a strong libertarian perspective when you read Salatin's answers. He speaks of the kind of liberty we haven't had in this country for the past 80 years at least.

Carol Elkins
Pueblo, CO
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