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> My two bummers have the scours, I have tried electrolytes and probiotics,
and also watered down the formula? They are 13 days old?
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What time intervals are you feeding them?  And how much are they allowed to
eat? I have only raised 1 bottle goat and maybe 6 or 7 bottle lambs over a
few breeding seasons, but in my case, they all got "scours", because I was
following bad advice from a local breeder I knew. I was feeding them the
right amount per day in weight, but...., not dividing it up in the middle
of the night. I got to sleep fine, but they had diarrhea because I fed them
far too much at each feeding.  Once I set a timer to get up at 2am and do
my duty, and they ate less each feeding, (but the same overall amount each
day) it cleared right up.

I was freaking out, giving them Corrid, anti-worm medication, and
probiotics, etc, and had no idea I should just divide it up more.

-Michael Smith, Perino Ranch Blackbellies
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