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hello everyone!

For the past 15 years I have had the honor of transporting the very best small livestock genetics from coast to coast. I have met thousands of the very finest animals face to face and have seen the effect that their genetics have had on herds. I have met some of the most influential and innovative breeders in the USA. But all good things must come to an end eventually.

My health has failed rapidly in the past few months. It is obvious to me that my traveling days are over. After two weeks of resting from only a three week trip I am still far from being capable for even a short trip. So it is the time to make the decision to end my 'career'.

I have been attempting for many months to pass off the TravelWithRonK flag to a new person but no one has stepped forward to take on the challenge. Now I must begin thinking in terms of liquidating my assets. Without the cash flow from transporting I am relegated to adjusting my budget to live just on social security.

The first item offered for sale is my 'one of a kind' double deck aluminum trailer. I designed the trailer to meet my unique needs. It was built in 2004 at a cost just under $30,000. To build it today with the cost of aluminum would be $40,000. It is uniquely designed to provide an extremely flexible configuration that can range from a 16 foot open 'cattle' trailer to a double deck configuration with as many as 14 individual pens ranging in size from one small animal to a dozen or more animals, or any combination of open and pens. Storage space for unused gates and dividers is always available. Pictures can be seen on my website at

The trailer could be easily configured to be the ultimate 'showstring' trailer or could be the basis of someone wanting to start a regional or national transport service.

Please contact me privately at for more information.

ron, tina, and jeremy

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