I feel that worming can turn them around quickly.  If you have ever had a lamb 
with bottle jaw and worm it, the bottle jaw is usually gone the next day.





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Last week I put some pictures on the Blackbelly Facebook page of a ewe which 
looked sick. I had some responses indicating worms so I did give some Valbazen 
to her and her 3 week old lambs. I would like your opinion and you could look 
at the Facebook page to see what was said. The ewe had a somewhat bloated 
appearance and he was not eating or nursing for 2 days. I also saw her struggle 
for several minutes to get some pee out, which was thick and strangely colored. 
One lamb died that day.One day after the Valbazen (yesterday) she was acting 
more normal and today she is completely normal. Her bloated body is gone, she 
is much thinner. Could this have just been too much stress for her trying to 
feed three lambs considering her small stature. I find it a little weird that 
worming medication could help her in only one day?Rick Krach -- via 
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