Everyone, hope things are going well. My Ewe lamb that was born a bit more
than 24 hours ago appears not to have fed yet, as of this morning.  the mom
is experienced, but she is my spookiest sheep I own. She seems a bit
restless. She takes ownership of the lamb, but has a hard time staying
still for her. She is with her favorite ewe companion, and can see her
favorite LGD through the fence, so her surroundings should be good.

I corralled the mom and checked this morning, and she feels bagged up, but
I did not try to milk her. The lamb seems in good spirits. Occasionally
trying to poke around and look for a nipple, but not very persistent. the
lamb has passed meconium.  It lies down, naps and appears not to be
shivering in the 40*F morning we had. Otherwise, following mom and acting
like a lamb. It;'s plenty big, I estimate 7-8 lbs.

I set up a camera with video for about 10 minutes last night and walked
away, and there was no feeding, after I left them alone. I thought my
presence was effecting things, but even when gone, they did not feed.

So, remind me: the lamb can go for at least 24 hours without feeding,
right?  If I don't see improvement this evening I am going to at least
corner them together with a sheet of wood, so mom cannot get away, and give
the little girl a better chance. I also might try to milk her to make sure
she's producing.

-Michael, Perino Ranch Blackbellies
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