Yes, that's right! "Disks" under Preferences > Catalog > System > Devices 
is more like it. I had “Quicksilver Catalog Entries” enabled already and 
tried creating the trigger using "Disks (Catalog)"--that worked! Thank you 
very much! Using "/Volumes" still produces a blank list of results--using 
either "Search Contents" or "Show Contents"--but using "Disk (Catalog)" 
arrives at the same desired result.

On Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 3:23:26 PM UTC+2, Rob McBroom wrote:
> On 10 Jul 2018, at 14:14, 34597345 wrote:
> I just checked and the box next to "Network and Removable Disks" is already
> ticked (with an item count of 1).
> I think the ones you’re looking for actually come from “Disks” in that 
> same section, now that I look at them.
> I should perhaps add that my removable media appear as expected if I start 
> typing the name of one in Quicksilver's first pane,
> So it sounds like “Disks” is enabled.
> but I was wanting to reduce the list of results considerably by focusing 
> on /Volumes.
> I tried creating a trigger two different ways and both worked, so give 
> them a try. (The first gives better results in my opinion.) Note that you 
> can also use the “Show Contents” action for either trigger if you want the 
> results to appear immediately.
> “Disks (Catalog)” ⇥ Search Contents 
> For this to work, you need to enable “Quicksilver Catalog Entries” under 
> Preferences → Catalog → Quicksilver. That will add allow you to search for 
> catalog entries by name and explore their contents. From there, creating 
> the trigger should be pretty straightforward.
> /Volumes ⇥ Search Contents 
> First of all, there’s no need to create a catalog entry for this if you 
> plan to access Volumes via the trigger.
> When creating the trigger, either hold / to get the root disk and hit ⌥/ 
> to show hidden things like Volumes and select it that way, or switch to 
> text entry mode with . and type “/Volumes” by hand, then choose the action 
> you want in the second pane.
> -- 
> Rob McBroom

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