Hi Rob,

Thanks for that. Unfortunately that plugin exhibits the same behaviour. 
Perhaps if anyone else has a Jetbrains app, or Netbeans, or another Java 
based app which uses Swing, they could confirm this behaviour.

On Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 1:08:06 PM UTC, Rob McBroom wrote:
> On 14 Jan 2020, at 5:17, Mike Kelly wrote:
> Anyone? It seems this is a more general issue with apps made using Java 
> Swing, so I'm guessing others have experienced this.
> A few people have had strange issues with that are supposedly fixed by 
> going back to the previous version of the Clipboard plug-in 
> <https://qs0.qsapp.com/plugins/download.php?id=com.blacktree.Quicksilver.QSClipboardPlugIn&version=347>.
> Those people are apparently shy. But I would try that and see if it helps.
> -- 
> Rob McBroom

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