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Author: Ole Streicher <>
Date:   Mon Jun 19 10:22:31 2017 +0200

    Update installation section for Debian Stretch

diff --git a/webtools/templates/debian-astro_idx.xhtml 
index c481551..928a5e9 100644
--- a/webtools/templates/debian-astro_idx.xhtml
+++ b/webtools/templates/debian-astro_idx.xhtml
@@ -95,22 +95,10 @@
          On an existing Debian Stretch installation, you can get the
          $projectname Pure Blend just by installing
-         its <a href="tasks">metapackages</a>.  During
-         the installation on a new system, this will be possible
-         during the installation process.
-       </p>
-       <p>
-         If you're new to Debian and you'd like to try the $projectname
-         Pure Blend without installing it on your computer, or if you'd like
-         to perform a fresh installation of Debian with all the astronomy
-         software ready-to-go, you might find the live images useful. Images
-         will be produced that can be run from DVDs or USB sticks on both 
-         and 64-bit Intel architectures.
-       </p>
-       <p>
-         <strong>Note:</strong> $projectname is not available under Debian
-         Jessie. Our plan is to deliver the first version together with
-         Debian Stretch.
+         its <a href="tasks">metapackages</a>. To get a comprehensive
+         selection of packages, you also may install the package
+         <a href="";>astro-all</a>
+         with the command <code>sudo apt install astro-all</code>.
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