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Add Find_Orb, remove mere build dependencies pluto-jpl-eph and pluto-lunar.
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1 changed file:

- tasks/tools


--- a/tasks/tools
+++ b/tasks/tools
@@ -33,21 +33,16 @@ Pkg-Description: Universal table translator for astronomy
  table, hdf5, votable, json, json5, csv, and tsv, and can write html.
  The emphasis is on speed, so all conversions are done in memory.
-Recommends: pluto-jpl-eph
-WNPP: 891852
-Pkg-Description: command line handling of JPL ephemeres data
- The position of asteroids and other moving stellar objects on the sky
- at different time points is described as ephemeris. The Jet
- Propulsion Laboratory is known for a respective database. This
- package offers tools to handle individual data sets.
-Recommends: pluto-lunar
-WNPP: 891856
-Pkg-Description: routines for predictions of positions in solar system
- Basic astronomical functions for solar system ephemerides, time systems,
- coordinate systems, etc. This includes some utilities based on these
- functions, such as a calendar computer and a utility to numerically
- integrate asteroid orbits.
+Recommmends: pluto-find-orb
+WNPP: 891875
+Pkg-Description: orbit assessment from asteroid images
+ The identification of asteroids and comets typically starts with the
+ differential analysis of a series of images taken from the same area of
+ the sky. Objects appearing to be moving are tracked over multiple days.
+ .
+ This software is fed with pixel positions in images in the context of the
+ same for neighbouring stars. From these data it interpolates the position
+ of the presumed near earth object. The results of this analyses are -
+ if the quality of the data allows - sent to the minor planet center
+ (MPC) for archival and comparisons with data from known objects.

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