#7876: Firefox crashes often with gcc-6 (waiting for 47.0)
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Comment (by ken@…):

 On the next rebuilds two after that, first I forgot to move from 46.0 to
 46.0.1.  First time, I added -g to CXXFLAGS and commented out --enable-
 strip, but forgot to comment out --enable-install-strip. Worked well, but
 no symbols. Commented that, moved to 46.0.1, still worked well, but still
 no symbols (e.g. in the moz libs). That matches comment #19 in

 Then I tried to work out which of those three changes was doing the
 business. But with any lesser variation, '''and now even when going back
 to using all three''', it crashes within seconds of starting a video.

 I hope 47 fixes it.

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