#7876: firefox-47.0, was: Firefox crashes often with gcc-6 (waiting for 47.0)
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Comment (by ken@…):

 Hmm, I thought that the newest build was good, but it just took longer to
 trigger - only after I opened a second video in a new tab and tried to
 switch to that to pause it. Again, it comes down to problems in js/jit,
 specifically in js::jit::HandleException something eventually throws up
 the old
 Python Exception <type 'exceptions.OverflowError'> long too big to

 Unfortunately my Python is stripped, I suppose I need to rebuild that.

 Reminder to self: it looks as if strip and install-strip are enabled by
 default, the
 --disable forms need to be added to get debugging symbols, also fedora's
 --enable-release probably override those.

 I will also note that the mozilla bug 1218925 linked at the start of this
 ticket was for ff43 on windows.

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