#8306: cups-filters-1.11.3
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 New minor version


         - cups-browsed: If a queue is not only discovered via Bonjour
           but also via legacy CUPS or LDAP, prefer the Bonjour record
           as it provides more information and there is also a defined
           cancellation broadcast.
         - cups-browsed: Let PPD options saved in the last session also
           get applied to generated PPDs for IPP network printers.
         - cups-browsed: Make sure that saved PPD options do not get
           lost if for some reason the PPD file cannot be loaded in a
           new cups-browsed session (or the loaded PPD file is
           different).  This is done by holding a copy of the settings
           in the remote printer data structure.
         - cups-browsed: When saving option settings, remove
           backslashes added when the settings are read out via IPP
           request. Otherwise the backslashes would double with each
           session of cups-browsed.
         - implicitclass: Do not let the job get immediately retried on
           failure to send it out to the remote CUPS printer. By
           repeating to send the job to an unavailable server so
           quickly, cups-browsed gets bombed with requests and hangs on
         - cups-browsed: Shortened timeouts of HTTP connections and IPP
           requests to 3 seconds amd of IPP requests to remote CUPS
           servers to 2 seconds. For local IPP requests always use the
           connection once created via http_connect_local(). Also call
           g_main_context_wakeup(NULL) after each
           g_main_loop_quit(gmainloop) call. These measures should
           reduce long hangs of cups-browsed on shutdown when a CUPS
           server got unavailable.
         - cups-browsed: Do not mark remote printers discovered via
           legacy CUPS broadcasts as disappeared right from the
           beginning to implement the browse timeout. Instead manage
           their expiring by introducing a flag which marks them as
           CUPS legacy printers. Printers with disappeared status are
           considered invalid in some situations, especially when
           clusterin equally-named remote printers (Bug #1374).
         - cups-browsed: When we have remote CUPS printers, we use the
           implicitclass backend and a local copy of the remote PPD
           file already if we have only a single remote printer with
           this queue name. This simplifies the management of remote
           CUPS printers and also we do not hassle with using a remote
           PPD file. Now one can change PPD option defaults with
           printer setup tools or the lpadmin command and they get
           preserved in the next cups-browsed sessions.
         - if we are using the implicitclass backend CUPS does not make
           the server's PPD file available on the client any more. To
           fix this, we download the PPD file when creating an
           implictclass:... queue and apply it to the queue. This way
           the options of the printer(s) are always available for
           enumeration, especially in print dialogs (Bug #1372). We
           modify the local copy setting any options saved from the
           previous session and inhibiting local execution of filters
           (as the driver for the remote printer is not necessarily
           available locally).
         - cups-browsed: Added flag to inhibit auto-backup of option
           settings by the on_printer_modified() notification handler
           during print queue setup and removal.
         - cups-browsed: Let the printer_record() function always
           return the master record for the printer name and not an
           arbitrary duplicate.
         - cups-browsed: Fixes in the functionality for saving option
           settings: Make sure to not save the same option twice with
           different values, do not save the "printer-is-shared" option
           (errors out when re-applying option in the next session).
         - cups-browsed: Treat discovered printers correctly also if
           they use a non-standard port, even if several CUPS daemons
           are running on the same server but on different ports. This
           also improves the support of a sandboxed printing stack.
         - cups-browsed: Close http connections opened for polling
           properties of IPP network printers, to fix a possible memory
         - cups-browsed: Cleaned up HTTP access to local and remote
           CUPS servers and IPP printers, to assure that the local CUPS
           daemon is always accessed the same (user-defined) way
           (domain socket/localhost:port). This especially prevents
           cups-browwsed hanging on shutdown (Debian bug #832637).
         - cups-browsed: Fixed clustering equally-named queues of
           different remote servers, to assure to have one master
           referencing to all duplicates and not a daisy chain of
           duplicate references.


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