#8310: libqtxdg-2.0.0
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 New major version, part of the upcoming LXQT-0.11.0 release:
 libqtxdg-2.0.0 / 2016-09-17

   * Bump version to 2.0.0
   * Extend README.md
   * Updates dependencies
   * Fixes QIcon::hasThemeIcon() behavior with our Icon Loader Engine
   * Adds Qt5Svg explicitly to the required packages
   * QIconLoader: Use the GTK+ icon caches
   * QIcon: add a hook in the engine so a non null QIconEngine can still be
 a null icon
   * QIconLoader: don't make QIconDirInfo::type a bit-field
   * Do not support static QIcon instances
   * Respect manual set icon themes.
   * Remove <qhash.h> where it's not used
   * Make it more obvious that Q_WS_ is dead code, and should perhaps be
   * XdgDesktopFileData: Explicitly initialize members (#91)
   * build: Create separate Qt5XdgIconLoader target
   * XdgDesktopFile: Adds tests
   * xdgdesktopfile: Removes an not needed debug info
   * xdgdesktopfile: Removes double QLatin1String's contruction
   * XdgDesktopFileCache: Check if a file isValid() only when needed
   * XdgDesktopFile: Reworks XdgDesktopFileCache::getFile()
   * XdgDesktopFileCache: Check new acquired objects before using it
   * XdgDesktopFile: Removes unneeded assignment
   * XdgDesktopFile: Add break to switch case
   * qtxdg: Get the HOME environment variable just one time
   * Replace the QString % operator by the + operator
   * No more implicit string conversions
   * Moves QT_USE_QSTRINGBUILDER to the compiler_settings CMake module
   * XdgDesktopFileCache: Fixes an coding typing error
   * xdgiconloader: Fix typo in directoryMatchesSize
   * Xdgiconloader (#84)
   * Improve foreach iteraror performance
   * XdgDesktopFile: Improve the performance of the foreach loop
   * XdgDesktopFile: Use XdgDirs::userDir(), drop QStandardPaths()
   * XdgDesktopFile: Standardize text strings scope
   * XdgDesktopFile: Adds a Desktop File ID calculator method
   * XdgDesktopFile: Document Exec fallback when DBusActivatable fails
   * Adds QT_USE_QSTRINGBUILDER to the compile definitions
   * Adds the BUILD_DEV_UTILS to README.md
   * Makes the development utils build/install optional
   * XdgDesktopFile: Adds Exec fallback when DBusActivatable fails
   * Adds an .desktop file start tester
   * XdgDirs: Use Q_ASSERT to check for XdgDirs::userDirectory invalid
   * XdgDirs: Use XdgDirs::UserDirectory enum instead of int
   * XdgDirs: Makes XdgDirs::userDir use userDirectoryFallback()
   * XdgDirs: Adds userDirDefault() method.
   * Adds XdgDesktopFile::mimeTypes() member
   * build: Enable C++11 usage
   * iconloader: Fix actualSize() for non-themed icons
   * desktopfile: Change validity check
   * Added Digia-Qt-LGPL-Exception-1.1
   * Update years and Licenses
   * desktopfile: Check validity of DBus object path
   * desktopfile: Don't invoke DBus call on invalid interface
   * XdgUserDirs: Return a fallback when the path is empty
   * README.md: Fix grammatical error, adjust wording
   * Update and rename README to README.md
   * xdgdesktopfile: handle 'Path' entry for application's working
   * Fix possible use of cachedIcon after free
   * Update release.sh server url

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