#8308: libburn-1.4.6 libisofs-1.4.6
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Comment (by bdubbs@…):

 And libisoburn-1.4.6

 * Bug fix: The default setting of -compliance did not apply rec_mtime to
            Joliet and ISO:1999. mkisofs emulation was not affected by this
 * Bug fix: -file_size_limit did not increase ISO level if necessary.
 * New API calls isoburn_igopt_set_gpt_guid(), isoburn_igopt_get_gpt_guid()
 * New command -use_immed_bit, new -as cdrecord option use_immed_bit=
 * New -volume_date mode "all_file_dates"
 * New -as mkisofs option --set_all_file_dates
 * New bootspec "gpt_disk_guid=", new -as mkisofs option --gpt_disk_guid
 * New -report_system_area modes "gpt_disk_guid", "make_guid"
 * New environment variable SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
 * New -find action "set_to_mtime"


 * Bug fix: SAO CD could be perceived 2 blocks to short.
            Regression in 1.4.4 by rev 5672.
 * New API call burn_drive_set_immed()
 * New cdrskin option use_immed_bit=


 * Bug fix: SIGSEGV by NULL when a data file was larger than ISO level
 * Bug fix: Interpretation of 17 digit timestamps was wrong.
 * New API calls iso_generate_gpt_guid() and iso_write_opts_set_gpt_guid().
 * Made several pseudo-random ids reproducible by overriding volume

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